Qt VLC lib Testing for how to use (Not For Tutorial)

Qt VLC Lib installation testing (Not For Tutorial just for Testing Processing)

If you want the immediately work, see the bottom of the article.

Environment Setting: Win7 64bit MSVC2015

VLC-Qt 1.1.0 Release library


.Download the VLC-Qt_1.1.0_win64_msvc2015.7z

Extract the file will find three folders in this file. (bin, include, lib)

Actually this is a release mode program and it has been totally built will.

After extracting the file, let’s see what is the example saying.

Example can be downloaded from here

I choose simple-player for testing.

Basically modify the pro. file, and remember to copy the correct .dll file into your program folder.

After setting well, we find that we forget to install the libvlc.lib

We find the LibVLC Tutorial for more information to install the libvlc.lib

But for Windows, the documentation said that the VLC installers do not include the LibVLC SDK
It would be a waste of bandwidth and space for most users.

Actually it means that maybe you can copy the headers and libraries from the package or build VLC form source by yourself. 

I found the VideoLAN, and I was not sure where to download the libVLC only, so I trired to download the whole VLC for Windows 7.zip packages.

Its file name is vlc-2.2.5-win32.7z

just a little afraid of the system is for 32bit.

Then add the sdk path into Qt pro.

Total of the LIBS is like this below

LIBS       += D:/Program/Lib/VLC-Qt_1.1.0_win64_msvc2015/lib/VLCQtCored.lib
INCLUDEPATH += D:/Program/Lib/VLC-Qt_1.1.0_win64_msvc2015/include

Unfortunately it doesn’t work.

The program crashed before it opened.

So I tried to download the installer for 64 bit version to instead of the 32 bit version.

But it is still non work. In fact that I even build the source code by myself, but I don’t know what the problem is. CMake has error to find the VLC library, even I try to reset the correct library. When generating the code, cmake shows many warning. Rebuilding source code by using MSVC 2015, it shows me about hundreds errors and I give up to fix it.


Therefore I gave up to build the source code by myself.

But I found the another method to help me completed build this program.

You can find the tutorial from

Qt VLC lib Sample Code Simple Player setting

Thanks for Kevin Yang to help me build this project. 2017.02.07

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