Qt VLC lib Sample Code Simple Player setting

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You should know:

This tutorial is just for quick using. It just tell how to quickly use the sample code, because I could not figure out the problem of the cmake or qmake error, the environment can not be build for your own computer environment.
My Computer Environment:

MSVC 2015 , win 7 , 64 bit, Qt 5.7

Requirements you should download:

Example Code   (In this tutorial, we only use the simple-player)

Release of VLC-QT lib  (I download the VLC-Qt_1.1.0_win64_msvc2015.7z)

Extract the VLC-Qt_1.1.0_win64_msvc2015

You will find there are three folder, bin, include, lib in the main folder.

My folder is placed here: D:ProgramLibVLC-Qt_1.1.0_win64_msvc2015

Then we extract the sample code zip and modify the .pro file

Open the simple-player.pro

And this is my .pro lib, you should modify the path as the folder you place the lib

(I only add the debug mode) ______________________________________________

# Edit below for custom library location
LIBS       += D:/Program/Lib/VLC-Qt_1.1.0_win64_msvc2015/lib/VLCQtCored.lib
INCLUDEPATH += D:/Program/Lib/VLC-Qt_1.1.0_win64_msvc2015/include


qmake the .pro file

Add the dll file into your file, don’t forget to copy the D:ProgramLibVLC-Qt_1.1.0_win64_msvc2015binplugins folder into your debug folder, if you use release mode, please add plugin folder into release folder.

If everything is right, you can run the program as below show.

Demo Player

Have Fun

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